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The experience of being truly alive often begins with joy –appreciating those things around us and creating unforgettable moments, memories that last a lifetime. Alpine 14 Peak Treks looks after every last detail with client satisfaction in mind, allowing clients to pursue rejuvenation and pleasure on their Nepal experience. Nepal is home to the “Top of the World”, Mt. Everest, and an 800+ km (500+ mi) stretch of the Himalaya as well as lush hills and lowland jungles -- a traveler’s paradise. Nepal is sometimes referred to as heaven on Earth and even Shangri-La for its famous natural wonders and cultural attractions. Nepal is also famous as the birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha and home of ‘The Living Goddess’ Kumari and eight of the world’s ten highest peaks! The company also covers exciting and exhilarating tours in neighboring Tibet and pakistan.

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